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Sharing good music

2016-01-14 18:58:31 by enders1

Recently a friend of mine,  posted her frist music EP, all songs ranged from syntwave to chiptunes to eurtobeat, nice quality and raw talent, please check it out.

New song baby!

2015-10-10 00:07:49 by enders1

The main melody is something I though of a long time ago on guitar but decided to use a piano instead, it's pretty catchy, anyway, enjoy.

New VGM is out

2015-10-08 12:17:10 by enders1

My first VGM made from scratch, I appreacciate all criticism.

Coming back for good and free content

2015-10-02 21:46:56 by enders1

I have uploaded songs to this portal in the most erratic schedule ever, sometimes 2 in a month, sometimes 1 in a whole year, time to move my lazy ass from the couch and do this seriously.

some people seem to enjoy my guitar tracks, specially the pink floyd jam, I'll keep doing that but also I wanna try my hand at videogames songs, I have done a few in the past but with the help my good friend nigel, this time I'm going to do all by myself and it's gonna range from atmospheric loops to full boss battle songs, and the best part is that if you wanna use one of them for any of your flash movies, you can use them for free, just give a word of credit ;)

you can listen to it here:

en joy

New songs out :D

2012-08-10 18:38:10 by enders1

for those fans for metroid here is one classic piano rendition of the intro song on zero mission

and for those guys who call gamestop to troll here is this one

Well its been 2 years

2012-05-11 10:27:29 by enders1

Since I visited or posted on newgrounds, I improved my guitar skills and teach myself how to play the piano, I be uploading some songs from time to time who knowns, I mean diablo 3 is coming 15 so I will find myself with no life in some days.

New song out

2009-06-15 13:47:03 by enders1

Ok after a long break due to a shitty guitar, I post again one of my disturbing instrumental guitar song
is called desperation, please check it up now or die..........not really haha /246972

finding new ways of inspiration

2009-05-04 12:49:56 by enders1

I just recently started to listen to chuck berry and muddy waters so Im just all about blues and rock and roll hahaha, but Im triying to add somehing I called acid distorsion, my multi efects pedal something that sound like that so im triying new stuff

Its great to be chinese dude

2009-04-01 06:52:16 by enders1

I just transformed in chinese by going to newgrounds, I just realised how great china can be and I alredy do the transformation.